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Rent mobilehome Himmelhuuske


Rent mobilehome Himmelhuuske in Friesland

Just like the name for caravan Bakhuuske is obviously derived from Bakhuizen, the name for caravan Himmelhuuske is derived from Himmelum; the two villages between which campsite “De Wite Burgh” is situated. 





Himmelhuuske is a comfortable caravan with two bedrooms and a sofa bed in the living room. It sleeps four to six people. Do you want to rent a unique and comfortable caravan in Friesland? Just book caravan Himmelhuuske. The caravan is situated on a nice, spacious, sunny plot and has a luxury terrace that has been partly roofed. Caravan Himmelhuuske is especially suited for families, children and nature lovers.

This comfortably furnished caravan is on a nice plot and has a terrace that enjoys both morning and evening sun. Two Frisian lakes, Lake IJssel and the forest of Rijs are at cycling distance, as are the picturesque and very Frisian villages of Balk and Oudemirdum and the smallest cities in Friesland; Sloten, Stavoren and Hindelopen.

It is a nice place to stay; in and around caravan Himmelhuuske. Not just for a summer holiday, but also in the early and late season. The forest of Rijs is also wonderful in spring and autumn and it is beautiful by the water then. The Gaasterland area: absolute enjoyment! Interested? You can book online!